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Azure Administrator Associate – PASS! (and had a bit of a result!)

So I sat the AZ-100 exam after 3 months of study, I booked the exam in a test centre not too far from my office in central London, usual conditions applied, photo ID, they take a photograph of you etc.. etc…

I was feeling well prepared for the exam as I’d spent lots of time running labs and doing lot of practice tests using ‘measureup’.   The exam was REALLY SLOW to load up and the response was very sluggish, I don’t know if it was the ancient desktop PC’s in the test centre or if their internet connection was going over a modem but it was really bad.

I carried on as best I could and was feeling the confident with the answers I’d given to this point, then it was time for the first lab! Well, as my father would say….. ‘Genie Mac!’ it was virtually unusable, it brings you to the Azure portal, you log in using a designated account and password, this alone took over 5 minutes!! Then you had a series of tasks to complete, without breaching NDA, make sure you know you’re networking and storage config really well.  I knew it quite well and was trying my best to complete the labs but it was so damn slow, I could see the clock running down so had to make a call to abandon the lab and move on,  now I was really worried that I was going to run out of time.

I closed the lab and answered some more multi-choice questions, they were relatively straight forward, very wordy but nothing too unexpected, then, another lab!!!!   Same as the previous lab, slow to the point of being unusable, I finished one task and had to move on, at this point I was almost accepting defeat as I thought there was no way I would pass as I had missed so many of the lab tasks.  I carried on regardless and made a decision at that point to appeal to Microsoft after the exam on the basis it was unfair due to the woeful performance of the exam software and or test centre.

I reached the end of the exam and hit submit, held my breath and expected the worst…..eventually the result appeared on the screen, somehow or other I had managed to pass!  I can only guess that Microsoft are aware of the poor performance of the labs and take this in to account when scoring the test???  Anyway, I was very relieved to pass as it was stressful experience, I had booked the AZ-101 for the following week, I was dreading the thought of going through all that again.


And then the IT Certification Gods smiled upon me!

In the week leading up the AZ-101 exam, Microsoft announced that they will be consolidating the exam in to a single test, the AZ-103! Anyone that had already taken and passed the AZ-100 would automatically be awarded the Azure Administrator Associate certificate!!! Obviously I cancelled the AZ-101 exam as soon as I found out, what a relief that I didn’t have to go through that terrible exam experience all over again.

I’ve decided not to pursue any further IT Certs for now, my next challenge is to improve my coding skills and focus my attentions on PYTHON! More posts to follow!

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

It’s been a while since I passed the AWS exams so I thought it was high time I got back to the books. The organisation I’m currently working for have recently started migrating some workloads in to Microsoft Azure, so this seemed like the obvious place for me to focus my attentions.

At the time of writing the Azure Administrator Associate cert comprises of two exams, the AZ-100 and AZ-101, I’ve heard that this may change in the near future! so after a bit of research I decided to purchase the AZ-101 course by Nick Coyler via Udemy for just £9.99!

UPDATE! The certificate is now only one exam the AZ-103, blog post to follow!!!

I also created a free (12 Months) Microsoft Azure Account so I could run through the labs and of course do lots of practice, I also decided to pay for the official Microsoft practice tests from ‘measureup’ as past experience has taught me that knowing the format of the exam and how a vendor phrases their questions can save valuable time on the day of the exam, it’s an investment in my career so it’s money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

So armed with all of this I set myself a target of 3 months to study and pass the exam, I would advise booking the exam as far in advance as possible as I found that the London test centres are very busy and often did not have slots that suited my timetable, you do have the option of taking the exam from your own home under very strict exam conditions, I decided not to go down this route as I’ve got 2 lovely, but very noisy children!  I’ll create a new post once I’ve sat the exam to share my experiences, pass or fail!