Python – #100DaysOfCode

I’ve been using PowerShell/PowerCli for many years and have written scripts ranging from a few lines to a few thousand lines, I’ve been guilty in the past of using snippets of code to get a job done without fully understanding what the code is doing at a low level, I didn’t study computer science and have had no formal training in programming.

I’ve seen quite a few people tweeting about #100DaysOfCode and after a bit of googling it seems the basic premise is that you code for at least 1 hour every day and then tweet your progress using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag, you can read more about it here.  This sounded interesting to me as it added a bit of structure to help me achieve my goals, I also came across this course from TalkPython which is split in to days so you can track your progress, for example…day 1 watch an intro video, day 2 do some practice exercises etc etc..this sounded exactly what I was looking for so I bit bullet and paid for the course.

It started off okay, there was some background on the course then some python fundamentals and playing with date/times, then it took a supersonic leap in to default dictionaries, named tuples, deques!! no gradual progression on this course! the presenter spoke very quickly and assumed you understood what he was talking about when he was setting up his virtual environment, I tried my best to stick with it but after day 9 I was lost and frustrated.  I sent an email of complaint to the course provider stating that they should really make it clear that this course is not for beginners, to be fair to them they sent me voucher for some other course but I decided to change strategy as this course was demotivating me almost to the point of wanting to throw in the towel.  I might yet go back to the course once I’ve got a stronger grounding in Python but for now this is not the path for me to take.

I got back to google and came across this course on Udemy ‘The Complete Python Bootcamp’ it had lots of positive reviews and seemed to be much better suited to my current requirements, so far I’ve not been disappointed! This course is great! it does exactly what it says on the tin, it goes right back to basics, I had to sit through lectures on variables, operators, booleans etc.. stuff that’s not unfamiliar to me, but it didn’t matter, this is what I wanted, to strip everything back and start at the beginning.

I’m on day 40 of the challenge and I’m just about to start the first milestone project which is to create a noughts and crosses game for 2 players on the same computer, sounds quite simple but I’m pretty sure it won’t be!

I’ve missed a few days due to a holiday in August but other than that I’ve been coding every day for more than an hour, I’ve been using my commute to and from work to study/practice which has been working well as there a fewer distractions.  I’m hoping to update the blog a bit more with my progress in the coming weeks, months.

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