AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate – PASS!

Exactly two weeks after sitting the AWS CSA Associate exam I attempted  and passed the AWS Sysops Administrator Associate exam with a score of 72%, there was quite a lot of crossover from the Architect exam with a big focus on Cloudwatch,VPC/Networking and IAM, you really need to know these subjects in quite a bit of depth .  Once again the questions were quite wordy and really made me think hard about my answers, for preparation I used the acloud guru course which this time around did a good job of covering all the subjects in the exam, unlike the architect associate exam nothing unexpected came up and I felt well prepared for most of the subject material.  I also consulted the AWS faqs quite a lot and of course plenty of hands on work, if you have already achieved the AWS CSA-Associate cert I would say there is not huge amount more you need to study for to pass this exam, as I mentioned previously Cloudwatch, VPC and IAM feature heavily so combined with the knowledge already gained from the AWS CSA study it shouldn’t take a whole lot to bag this one.  Next for me is the Devops associate exam, I going to take some time off studying as I need to go back to Ireland for a week, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the Devops material on my return, good luck to all attempting the Sysops Associate exam!

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