AWS – Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

I’ve decided it’s time to get certified on AWS,  the plan is to start with the Architect Associate exam as I feel it will give me high level understanding of the technology, once I’ve achieved this I will drill down in to the Sysops professional qualification.  I’ve purchased the Certified Solutions Architect course from for a very reasonable £27, probably the cheapest training course I have ever purchased.  The guys running the site are big advocates of serverless architecture, the current AWS pricing model for Lambda offers the first 1 million requests free of charge, so for the time being their IT infrastructure costs are zero!!  They pass this cost saving on to consumers of their training which is why the courses are so cheap, so far the course has been very hands on and very enjoyable, I’m about 80% through and would highly recommend this to anyone interested in obtaining AWS certification.  They really do start from the ground up, even if you have no previous cloud experience this course will really help you get a better understanding of how everything fits together.

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