vCenter Orchestrator – Edit an existing Workflow

vCenter Orchestrator is quite new to me so it’s been a bit of learning curve preparing for the DCA exam, I often find the best way for me to study is to write things down so they filter through my braincells and hopefully to memory.  I will edit a very basic VCO workflow that will change the number of vCPUs of a specific VM,  I will not be going through the creation of the workflow I am only concerned with editing the attributes of an existing workflow.

1. Browse to the ‘Schema’ view of the workflow and edit the ‘Action Element’ by clicking on the pencil icon..

2. Browse to the ‘Visual Binding’ tab.

I find the easiest way to inspect and modify the inputs and attributes is to use the visual bindings tab.

An ‘input’ is a value the user needs to enter in order to complete the workflow,  Attributes on the other hand are predefined and are not exposed to the person running the workflow, for the purpose of demonstration I have included one ‘Input’ and one ‘Attribute’.  In this example the Input will ask the user to enter the number of vcpus required for the virtual machine, the Attribute will define the virtual machine to modify.  We don’t need to do anything with the Input as it’s set up correctly but we will need to edit the attribute to select the correct virtual machine.

3. To edit an attribute go to the ‘General’ tab.

4. Select ‘vm1’ and click the ‘Not set’ hyperlink.

5. Drill down to the correct virtual machine, in this case ‘CPUMod’

6. The value should now change to the virtual machine name, at this point we don’t need to change anything else.


7. Run the workflow.


8. Virtual Machine before workflow is run.


9. Enter number of vCPUS required and hit submit.

10. vCPU count has been modified

I guess the thing to remember is that attributes are edited on the ‘General’ tab, they come in different formats as shown below.

  • String – a clear text box where you can type whatever you like.
  • Boolean – True or False
  • Predefined VCO parameter – e.g. VC.Datacenter, you need to click the ‘Not set’ link to define this type of attribute.

To illustrate this further the screenshot below shows the attributes of a workflow that creates a new DataCenter and Cluster.


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