I’ve managed to pass the VCAP DCD550! It’s a really tough exam and I am VERY relieved to get over the line.  I fine tuned my studies and really honed in on the functional requirements, risks, constraints, assumptions etc….I highly recommend anyone studying for the DCD to jump over to the google+ VCAP DCD study group, there’s a wealth of information with some really helpful contributors. VCAP DCA is next on the hit list, I’m not going to achieve my initial target of completing the DCD and DCA within 3 months, mostly because I wasn’t expecting the DCD to be so damn tricky, I’m hoping to sit the DCA at the end of May.


8 thoughts on “VCAP DCD PASS!

  1. C Johnson

    Congrats on passing! I just started studying a couple weeks ago for the DCD and have a similar timeline as you did. You’re blogs are great – thanks for sharing!

  2. Graeme

    I passed the VCAP-DCA550 last week and now onto the DCD550, so opposite to you! I’ve spoken to the guys at VMware and they reckon we’ll have until the end of 2016 at least to get our VCDXs in, once we do a single VCAP6-DCD exam will qualify us for both VCIX-DCV … AND VCDX6-DCV!

  3. vapprentice Post author

    Hi, Congrats on the DCA pass! so VMware are saying there will be a VCAP6-DCA exam? The new certification track is not clear at all, last I heard VCAP550 would be the last one and then it will change to the VCIX. I wish VMware would be a bit clearer with their message.

    All the best,

    1. graemevermeulen

      There will be two VCAP6 exams, a design and an admin exam. Unlike the VCAP5 exams they don’t make up two VCAP qualifications however if you hold a VCAP5 you can qualify for VCIX6-DCV by passing the VCAP6-Admin or VCAP6-Design exams. To upgrade VCDX5-DCV to VCDX6-DCV you need to pass the VCAP6-Design exam. If you don’t hold any VCAP5 quals, you need to pass two VCAP6 exams to get one cert (VCIX6-DCV).

      So for myself (and I take it yourself too) we’ll be going for our VCDX5-DCVs, which we will be able to upgrade to VCDX6-DCV by taking the VCAP6-DCD exam. Since we’ll also be VCAP5-DCAs, it will also mean we meet the requirements for VCIX6-DCV.

      Confusing I know, Chris Wahl was saying that he doesn’t understand why VMware has put expiry dates on qualifications that are only valid for specific versions (VCPs etc.) however our VCAPs and VCDX certs don’t expire, it’s the VCPs that do! Weird huh!

  4. vapprentice Post author

    Thanks for the explanation, that makes more sense than the official communications! All the best with the DCD, all the tools you need to pass can be found on the google+ study group.


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