Passwordless SSH between the UCS and a remote Linux Server

1. On the remote Linux/Unix server create the user

useradd -m ucsuser -c “UCS user” -d /home/ucsuser

2. Change the directory permissions

chown ucsuser /home/ucsuser

3. Generate SSH key for the new user

ssh-keygen (accept defaults and leave passphrase empty)

4. Copy the public Key to a text file.

cd .ssh/


5. SSH to the UCS Manager, at the CLI type the following commands

scope security

create local-user ucsuser

set password

6. Copy the Public Key obtained in step 4 and paste it into the CLI with inverted commas.

set sshkeyssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEAuo9VQ2CmWBI9/S1f30klCWjnV3lgdXMzO0WUl5iPw85lkdQqap+NFuNmHcb4K




Now you should be able to SSH from the remote linux server to the UCS without entering a password.

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